Not withstanding its new foundation just in January, 2007. This young travel company is being run by a former tourist guide who used to experience many years, guiding a considerable number of Asian and European tourist groups to almost all remarkeable regions in the three parts of Vietnam.
We decided Nhatrang city to place our Head office , due to its plenty of beautiful landmarks, attactive tourist spots, turquoise blue sea waters such as the City Long Beach, the worldwide famous Bay of Nhatrang, the Doclet appealing resort, the Baidai shallow beach, the VanPhong blue Water Bay and some subline and marvelous waterfalls of Yangbay and Baho in the western and northern parts of the city.Besides those natural previleges that our Providence offered to Nhatrang, the city and its suburs still remain several historical spots like Cham towers, LongSon Pagoda, the City Stone Church, King Baodai Villas, the Oceanographical Institute and some ancient houses built under the architectural style of the 18th century.

  • Receptionists / marketing assistants: nice looking, eversmiling and pleasant.
  • Tour guides : enthusiastic , friendly , fluent in foreign language speaking (English, French,German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese,…) with large knowledge of your chosen destinations.
  • We can ensure any of your requirements on the tour will be fully responded to your satisfaction together with unforgetable impressions.
  • We specialize not only in the varieties of tours in Nhatrang city but tours to famous landmarks on the Central Highlands , in the Northern , Central and Southern parts of Vietnam as well.
  • Well- organized standard , warm welcome and reasonable prices are always our purposes of service , happiness and proudness.

Nha Trang Blue Sea Travel